Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Dental Download: August 15, 2014

This week, we learn about the lack of instruction on tooth brushing, discover the dental woes of an older population and discuss how the DentaQuest Foundation is helping strengthen community health dental programs. Join in the conversation on Twitter using #FridayDentalDL.

1. Dental woes of an aging population: Whether through physical frailty, cognitive decline, financial hardship or the inability to get to a dental office, older Americans often cannot take good care of their teeth, even if they were model patients in their youth. The needs of older dental patients today are more challenging than in the past. The task for the dental profession, dental educators and policymakers will be to develop new models of care, to prepare a workforce to provide that care and to conduct research with geriatric patients in mind.

2. Memphis organizations receive dental grants: Christ Community Health Services and the Memphis Health Center  have been selected by the Tennessee Primary Care Association to receive technical and startup assistance for dental programs. Community health centers are local engines for healthier communities. This work is part of a grant to the Tennessee Primary Care Association by the DentaQuest Foundation and its Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net initiative. The goal is to support the growth of community dental programs so they can serve more individuals and families in need of quality of oral health care.

3. Lack of instruction consistency hinders tooth brushing: What is "correct" when it comes to manual tooth brushing? According to the authors of a new study in the British Dental Journal, there are many different opinions as to which method is best and no consensus among professional bodies on the best method. In the U.S., the ADA has a clear, concise set of general brushing instructions on its website with an accompanying video. Read our brushing tips here. And, be sure to brush – and floss -- every day.

4. Taking charge of your dental electronic record selection: As the dental industry moves into a new era of more sophisticated dental software, including a new generation of dental electronic health records (EHRs), dentists, practice managers, and administrators are becoming increasingly confused about the evaluation and selection of these new technologies.