Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers- The Key to Good Health

By Dr. Doyle Williams

Dear Mom,

We at DentaQuest want to take a moment to recognize you for all you do for your family’s health-- and especially for oral health.  

Moms (and dads!) can be key to their children’s healthy hearts, healthy bones and healthy smiles.

Moms are often the gatekeeper to their family’s wellbeing -- making sure there are clean clothes and healthy meals. Scheduling and keeping track of all those appointments for the dentist, the doctor, and more.

There are studies that show that the choices a mother makes --from the beverages she drinks to the foods she buys and even where she keeps the family snacks -- may dramatically affect her family’s nutrition, long-term health, and risk for chronic disease.

Mom’s healthy habits are just as important for her children as they are for her.  When moms set the example for good oral health, her kids will have a good example to follow.

So, we’re extending a heartfelt thank you to all Moms because they insist that their children brush and floss twice a day-- even when they are tired and cranky, and because they drive the kids to dental appointments—even when they don’t want to go, and who are conscious about their own health, because its important to have healthy moms setting a good example for the whole family.

Happy Mother’s Day!