Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stay Cool and Hydrated

School is out! The hot weather has arrived and with it, the risk of heat-related dehydration. In the heat, our bodies tend to lose more water than usual, and that makes us more susceptible to dehydration. Watch for:

o Dizziness
o Headache
o Dry mouth or nose
o Nausea
o Vomiting
o Muscle Weakness

Dehydration can be dangerous. So if it is hot and you’re feeling any of these symptoms, get out of the sun and start drinking water. As a dentist, I recommend fluoridated water. Fill a water bottle with tap water and keep it with you when active and outside. Drinking fluoridated water not only helps you stay hydrated, it also helps your teeth. Check here to see if your public water system is fluoridated:

Fluoride, a natural substance added to water, plays an important role in healthy tooth development and cavity prevention. Fluoride works by stopping or even reversing the tooth decay process, keeping tooth enamel strong and solid.

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers community water fluoridation one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century. They say water fluoridation may reduce tooth decay by 20-40%.

If your community’s water is not fluoridated, fluoridated bottled water is available.

Have fun throughout the summer. Remember to wear sunscreen. Sip water throughout the day. And choose fluoridated water to keep your body hydrated and your smile bright!